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Dog-Napping Grinch Caught

Dog-Napping Grinch Caught
This Christmas wish came true. It sounds like a movie – but there is no George Bailey. Instead, there’s a dog named Marley and a little girl named Mia Bendray, from New York City. On Christmas Eve, the family went into a restaurant to pick up food. As so many people do, they tied up... Read more »

Keep the Stuff, But We Beg You, Please Return the Dog

WMAQ-TV reports that a Woodridge, IL family was robbed….They didn’t really take many things, some jewelry, a few electronics…..but they also stole Remy, the family dog. The family is desperate to get their loved one back. Making a turn-in easy, the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago has offered to take Remy back – no questions... Read more »

Sheriff's Office Reunites Dog: A Macho Story

It happens far more often than it makes the news, pets left in homes of those foreclosed or evicted. Cook County deputies conducted an eviction in Garfield Park announced on January 6 (Thursday) and discovered Macho, a malnourished dog stolen before Thanksgiving from a nearby home. Macho was positively identified because he had a microchip... Read more »