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Cats Are Saved at Tree House, Wendi Taylor Nations on the Black Cat Ball

Cats Are Saved at Tree House, Wendi Taylor Nations on the Black Cat Ball
Save homeless cats! You can help all cats, including those not owned (referred to as feral cats or community) by helping Tree House Humane Society, Chicago’s oldest no kill all cat shelter, and attend the big Black Cat Ball,¬†October 17, 6:30 p.m. under the stars at the Adler Planetarium (1300 S. Lake Shore Drive). Wendi... Read more » Co-Founder Saul Tells It Like It Is, @BlogPaws Co-Founder Saul Tells It Like It Is, @BlogPaws
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — A convention of bloggers may seem odd enough, but check this out: Blog Paws, a gathering of bloggers who write about pets, was held June 21-23 in Salt Lake City. So, here’s what happened when 375 pet bloggers got together: The host hotel’s Internet nearly crumbled due to all the... Read more »

What Does 'No Kill' Really Mean

What really is the “no kill” movement? It’s a marketing term, I’m glad the term exists, and the buzz word have demonstrated that more was possible. But the term can be misleading as well…So, call it what you want - the mission is to lessen the number of animals killed in shelters. Period. Unfortunately, the... Read more »

Join In the Salute to Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Chicago’s doesn’t have a veterinarian named James Heriot, but we did have Dr. Sheldon Rubin for 41 years caring for and treating pets, advocating for laws beneficial to pets and appearing in the media to disseminate information. Lake Shore Animal Shelter is honoring Dr. Rubin with a Bone Vivant thank you brunch, June 13 at... Read more »
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