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Blackhawks Support Pet Adoption

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Chicago Blackhawks Charities and I have teamed up (again!) to support pet adoption in Chicago…You may have have seen this video at the United Center (in Chicago) at a game…..check this out! The Blackhawks are champions in more ways than one, supporting Chicago Loves Pits, the Chicago Area Shelter Alliance (CASA) and the city’s municipal facility,... Read more »

Cat Shelter Celebrating Life: Lights of Love

Thousands of lights adorn the front of the shelter on Carmen Avenue.
Tree House Humane Society Lights of Love may be my very favorite event at any shelter. Hundreds attend to honor pets and people who are remembered with a candle….and a honored with a Christmas light. In all, thousands of lights are aglow. It’s beautiful. It’s touching. The event is December 8, from 5 to 8... Read more »

CATaylst: If Cats Had Thumbs

CATaylst: If Cats Had Thumbs
You may have missed this – I missed it, March 3 was National If Pets Had Thumbs Day. Who knew? Cat Stanley, the CATalyst Council spokescat commented on what prospect would result in….. 1.       Eat more tuna. I’m embarrassed to even write this since it’s so obvious.  Most cats enjoy fish, but I really, really... Read more »

Becky Robinson on Unowed Cats: Alley Cat Allies

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Becky Robinson is the President and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies, a non profit which protects and advocates for all cats, owned and feral. When it comes to speaking up for cats, Robinson is one of the nation’s most known advocates and experts on cats, particularly on TNR.

Does She Love Cats, or Love to Put Us On? eHarmony Cat Lover

Do you think this is real? My name is Debbie and I love cats….I really love cats….I am a recent MBA grad from Villanova…I love cats, every kind of cat….I want to hug all of them but I can’t. I want to…I love to run..and I love cats; I think about how many don’t have... Read more »

Cat Strut, Standing Up for Cats

Cat Strut, Standing Up for Cats
There are marches for peace, for Brest Cancer, and for cats. Tree House Humane Society annual Stray Cat Strut was June 4, starting at the shelter’s Uptown location at Carmen and Broadway, then strutting to the Lake and back to the shelter for a barbecue. If there’s anytime to stand up for cat’s it’s June,... Read more »

More Cats in Shelters, Though TNR Does Seem To Help

The good news is that trap, neuter, release seems to be working , the bad news is that more cats are apparently in need of TNR and are being given up to shelters. This story focuses the general Austin area in Central Texas, according to Many agree this trend is generally true around America,... Read more »

CATegorical Care: Free Cat Health and Welfare Guidebook

Hot off the press – created to support Adopt-A-Cat month from American Humane and the CATalyst Council: CATegorical Care: An Owner’s guide to America’s #1 Companion. This is a FREE guide (click above link to download) with the latest information on cat health and welfare meant for both novice and experienced cat owners. Here are... Read more »

Cats in Times Square

Visit a Shelter - ADOPT-A-CAT! June is Adopt-a-Cat month! This blog post is the premiere of a video which will soon appear on the Jumbotron in Times Square. (Aside from watching, consider adopting, consider giving – just a text away)

I Rescued A Human Today

I RESCUED A HUMAN TODAY has been making its way through the Internet….I don’t know who the author is. My friend. Dr. Kim Kendall in Sydney, Australia sent this to me.    Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels.  I felt her need instantly and knew I... Read more »
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