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Perfect Kitties Like Their Nails Trimmed, & More Comments for You

Perfect Kitties Like Their Nails Trimmed, & More Comments for You
Here are some reader responses to answers in recent columns. I always appreciate reader input. Email anytime with questions or answers at You can also find me on Facebook. COMMENT: “My kitties are perfect in every way. Thanks so much for sharing your love and knowledge of animals. Today, the subject of declawing came... Read more »

Kidney Disease in Senior Cats

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Early diagnosis is the best secret to dealing with kidney disease or renal insufficiency in cats, says feline veterinarian Dr. Susan Little, editor of “The Cat: Clinical Medicine & Management” and past president of the Winn Feline Foundation. She explains what this disease is, how common it is, and what to look for.   Type... Read more »

For Cats, Especially Older Cats, Weight Loss May Not Be So Good

Weight loss sounds like a good thing, but not necessarily if the weight loss happens to be in a senior cat, as explained by feline veterinarian, Dr. Susan Little, past president of the Winn Feline Foundation.

Hyperthyroid Cats: Mark Peterson

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Dr. Mark Peterson is pretty credited for helping to develop radioactive iodine, a potential treatment and cure for hyperthyroid disease in cats.  He talks about all the possible treatments, and the increasing prevalence of hyperthyroid.

'The Cat,' Edited by Dr. Susan Little

'The Cat,' Edited by Dr. Susan Little
I found it – what all cat lovers need. There are cat lovers, who adore their cats. Then, there are cat lovers who want to know everything….and professionals (veterinarians, veterinary technicians) who need to know everything, and for cat breeders as well. This is the best resource to come along in 9-lives: It’s a new... Read more »

Strutting for Strays, As in Stray Cats

A Walk to help stray cats is called the Stray Cat Strut. Tree House Humane Society is very busy adopting out cats and kittens in need of forever homes, especially in the summer – all shelters are brimming with cats. The Masses Gather to Help Cats Tree House is also a leader at addressing the... Read more »
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