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Breed Specific Legislation Position Statement: BSL is Ineffective

Breed Specific Legislation Position Statement: BSL is Ineffective
At the Animal Behavior Symposium on July 25, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) announced a new position statement on breed-specific legislation (BSL). This is when communities, ironically including Denver, where the Symposium was held, ban specific dog breeds. Pit bull-type dogs are always at the top of the list – sometimes the... Read more »

Spanish Study Confirms Breed Bans Don't Work

Spanish Study Confirms Breed Bans Don't Work
When I’ve testified in opposition to breed specific bans (always involving a community or even an entire state seeking to ban Pit Bull-type dogs and sometimes Rottweilers and other breeds), I rattle off all sorts of facts – then I add, “There’s no data to support breed bans work to decrease dog bites, or dog... Read more »

Illinois Considers Lifting A Ban on Breed Specific Legislation

Illinois State Representative John Bradley wants to take away the right to have the dog of our choice, remove the right to rescue Pit Bulls (saving lives and euthanaisia dollars). Illinois State Representative John Bradley, who looks like a good guy here and probably is, says on his home page he wants to protect our... Read more »

What Do People Think of Breed Bans

I’ve always said that most people get it. the problem isn’t the breed, but potentially the individual dog and more so, the owner… Even if public officials in some places either don’t get it, or blame the dogs because they have feel at a loss when it comes to holding the owners responsible.  It turns... Read more »

Old Dog Tour

A Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine researcher is embarking on a nationwide tour to visit old dogs (Larry King is not among them). Dr. David Waters, veterinary oncologist and heard of Purdue’s Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation will come nose to snout with 15 of the most elderly Rottweiler’s in America in a trek... Read more »
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