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A Howl of a Good Time, Judging a Costume Contest for Dogs

Robin and Ethel, perennial festive dog lover Janie Goldberg with Hazel
A Howl of a Good Time is an annual pet costume contest sponsored by Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm. Miss Meowsky herself awarded the first, second and third place prize. And what a prestigious group of judges which I was honored to be a part of: Aldermen Michele Smith and Scott Waguespack, and the bagel... Read more »

September 11 Brought Us Together....What Happened?

September 11 Brought Us Together....What Happened?
By Steve Dale What do our pets really know? Of course, I remember exactly what I was doing on Sept. 11, 2001. I happened to be watching the Today Show when the first tower of the World Trade Center was hit. Soon, it became apparent that America was under attack. My wife, Robin, who then... Read more »

Hazel: The Story of an Unexpected Dog Adoption

I'm in shelters all the time. Of course, there are many I want to adopt, but you just can't. But this dog cowering in a corner, I kept walking back to. I don't know why. She looked so afraid. I later learned her story (which you'll read soon). I was at the Animal Welfare League of Chicago, and happy to go, finally - as a favor to Jill Cahr, co-founder of Trio Animal Foundation. I don't know why I was attracted to her. I was thinking about rescuing a Brittany, really. Diane Spyrka, the executive director said I bet if take her out, we'll see a different dog. I thought the same. By the way, Diane is - overall - among the Chicago animal welfare heroes.
I walked into the Animal Welfare League of Chicago with Jill Cahr of the Trio Animal Foundation, and walked out with….a new friend.

Who Let the Dogs Out? Ribfest and the Dogs

They live nearby, so we met Robin's cousin Lisa and her son Elliot. Stopping by the Blackhawks 'shoot and score' area among the kids' booths, Elliot was a winner!
Ribfest Chicago was held on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Square, June 10 through 12. You can take your dogs lots of places, but can you think of anything better for a dog than a rib festival?