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Lyme Disease: Prevention May Begin with Vaccinating Mice

Lyme Disease: Prevention May Begin with Vaccinating Mice
Lyme Disease is on the rise in America. What if we could vaccinate the white-footed mice that account for the majority of the transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi (the cause of Lyme disease) and significantly reduce the level of tick infection? The answer is absolutely yes, according to the Journal of Infectious Diseases. An oral bait... Read more »

2011, the Year of Rabies?

2011, the Year of Rabies?
So, for those who wonder why we give our pets rabies vaccinations, rabies hasn’t gone away anymore in America than anywhere else in the world where the disease is prevalent. The difference here is protection. Enough of our pets are protected to make a difference, and we do communicate warnings to the public about the... Read more »

2011 WGN Radio Petcasts

Upon returning to WGN, my first Petcast - Chicago dog trainers Wendy DeCarlo and Dennis Damon from the Dog Obedience Group. "I remember Ethel when she was so small," said Dennis as he walked into the studio. "And she still loves me." Wendy added, "But Dennis, she loves everyone."
Here are 11 of the GREAT folks I was honored to have in-studio for Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio Petcasts (podcasts for Pet Lovers) in 2011.  Check them out, you can listen – it’s free…right HERE. Which was your favorite? Hard to say for me, but I do tell some behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

Feral Cats Succeed at Cat Show, But Attacked by American Bird Conservancy

Feral Cats Succeed at Cat Show, But Attacked by American Bird Conservancy
A group of feral cats and kittens stole the Prairie Feline Fanciers cat show on September 24, 25 in Winnipeg MB Canada.  A contingent of former alley cats rescued by Craig Street Cats took 29 of 100 ribbons available for household pets according to Wire Service Canada  In addition, three of ten judges selected one... Read more »

Rabid Bat Scare in Chicago

Rabid Bat Scare in Chicago
Five rabid bats have been found within Chicago city limits over the last month. The city is calling it an outbreak – that terminology may be extreme.  Still, the five positive rabid bats were found at various locations, not in one neighborhood, which suggests there may likely have been more never discovered. And, after all,... Read more »

Effort to Ban Dogs as Pets Iran

According to reports, including this one, from NPR, dogs have increasingly become a part of the culture war within Iran. Or maybe an unspoken war against the West. Traditionally Iranians in urban areas haven’t wanted dogs, they’re thought to be dirty. Some say dogs are not appropriate, citing the Muslim religion. However, this really isn’t... Read more »

Trap, Neuter, Return Or Trap and Shoot?

A recently released report from the University of Nebraska Extension, called “Feral Cats and Their Management,” (for a PDF of the document click here)  actually endorses catching feral cats in barbaric traps, and also whipping out a gun to shoot unwanted cats. Do you really want to see this in your community, moreover do you... Read more »

Betty White and Bo Obama's Dog Trainer on Steve Dale's WLS Podcast

The great Betty White; the President’s dog trainer answers to Cesar Millan; a person who maintains she knows what cats are saying behind our backs and a rabies expert on this Steve Dale’s Pet World WLS Podcast Betty White is everywhere….Of course, being the animal lover she is, Betty’s always been a regular on my... Read more »

World Rabies Day - Celebrate With a Shot

So, there you are watching a scary old black-and-white movie on the late, late show. Here’s the scene: It’s a full moon, but even on a moonlit night, the fog makes it difficult to see. A woman is walking down the street, alone. In the background, a wolf howls. Just then, a dashing guy appears,... Read more »

Murdering Stray Dogs

According to the news service reports I’ve seen, this week, at the last minute – Argentina has put off their plans to seek out and kill stray dogs. The primary concern is the spread of leptospirosis, particularly in and around the Southern city of Neuquen. The fate of countless stray dogs in Iraq earlier in... Read more »
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