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Loving Pitbull

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This music loving pitbull-type dog demonstrates what these dogs are about, hopefully to dispel public myths.   Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Pit Bull-mix Saves Woman from House Fire

Pit Bull-mix Saves Woman from House Fire
Dog saves a life, alerting the owner, Debbie White in Sacramento, CA who was in a very deep sleep, of a house fire. And guess what, the dog – named Forest – is a pit-bull mix or thought to be. Really who knows what breed or mix Forest is, and does it really matter? Of... Read more »

Willow Speaks for Abused Animals

Willow Speaks for Abused Animals
Willow, a fawn color pit bull-type dog, was hours away from certain death, she was literally starving. “She was skin and bones and barely could muster the energy to stand up,” says Kira Robson, supervisor at Chicago Animal Care & Control. “You could count every rib and see her bones.” With no body fat to... Read more »

Dog Saved from Near Death

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Willow is no longer weeping – though anyone who watches this video may…How can we, as a species, do this? There’s such cruelty out there….but there is also love and compassion. While this should never happen, it did….and now people are making it right. Thank you Felines & Canines (a Chicago shelter) for saving Willow.... Read more »

Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba

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Look at what has nearly 5 million views on the Internet. I find some seriousness here. What about the welfare of the duck (I think the duck may be mildly annoyed, but is just fine). Note the pit bull-type dog. Contrary to the public perception, the dog doesn’t hardly harm the duck or the cat... Read more »

Helping Pit Bulls One t-Shirt at a Time

Helping Pit Bulls One t-Shirt at a Time
Truly Pit Bulls do get a bad rap…and they need help. Walk into any shelter in America…some animal shelters are doing really well with dogs, actually having so few that they need to “import” adoptable dogs from other communities and other states. Some are basically doing ok – however, the economy has set them back... Read more »

Pit Bull Helps Out Mary Tyler Moore

You’ve heard of dogs who help people in unexpected ways, warning of the onset heart palpitations and irregularities and seizures. Some dogs even warn of diabetic crashes. Actress Mary Tyler Moore says she has one of those dogs, She told, “”He helps me with my diabetes –he can sense when something’s not right.” By... Read more »
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