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Don't Bully My Breed

Pit Bulls have a bad rap, here’s an example of why. And this time, it’s the ‘pet expert’s’ fault. TV Anchor Allison Payne is just like most people, bombarded with fallacies. Most anchors don’t bother, but to her credit she did some homework, and Allison was apparently misinformed by a trusted source. I do not... Read more »

Cesar Millan Denied by Calm Assertive Politician

I’m not afraid to write or talk about how Cesar Millan’s tactics are often archaic. We know that people don’t need to dominate their dogs (as Cesar often has preached), instead we need to teach their dogs by motivation rather than intimidation…. Millan and Junior However, I am grateful to Cesar for telling the truth... Read more »

Where Pit Bulls Are Banned, Dog Bites Rise

Breed Specific Bans have done nothing to lessen dog bites in Norfolk, England. In fact, the number of people requiring hospital treatment for dog bites has increased by almost a third since the breed bans went into affect. Clearly, the breed bans didn’t do what they were supposed to.   One public official described the... Read more »

Pet Writer Amy Shojai's New Year's Greeting

My pet writing and broadcasting colleague Amy Shojai’s New Year’s greeting…I think it’s sweet/funny, one reason why I’m posting. Also, this summer, her next book, “The American Pit Bull Terrier” is scheduled for release (TFH Publishing). In my opinion, Pit Bulls and their reputation has definitely been a victim of dogfighting over this past decade... Read more »