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Pints for Pits

Pints for Pits
Toast a pit bull at Pints for Pits, and at the same time join in watching a Chicago Blackhawks road game at Red Ivy (3525 N. Clark St., near Addison), the final game of the regular reason. The benefit supports Chicago Loves Pits,  a non-profit founded by Chicago Blackhawk Bryan Bickell and fiance Amanda. April 27, at 7 p.m., watch... Read more »

Pit Bull Plays with Macaw

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Why can’t we all just get along? And respect our differences, and accept us for what we really are not what some say we are (like this Pit Bull-type dog here with a Hyacinth Macaw). We all know what some say Pit Bull-type dogs are. This is a more common scene.  

Pit Bull Fact and Fiction

In many places the over-population problem among dogs, and their numbers in shelters has diminished a lot! However, it seems most shelters in most places do have an abundance of Pit Bull-type dogs.
Pit Bulls today really do get a bad rap. A recent story told the truth. Historically, Pit Bulls have always been terrific family dogs. It’s true, from Poodles to Pomeranians – all dogs are loyal, and love their families…Somehow, some way that devotion ranks even higher among Pit Bulls. In fact, they were chosen... Read more »

Pit Bull Myths

FACT: Like any other adopted dog, it's a matter of matching the right individual with the right family. And larger and stronger Pit Bulls might not be a good idea for families with small children, not because they will be agressive per se - just their mere strength. If you are always around other dogs, you don't want to adopt a dog agressive dog, for example. But there are so many, too many Pit Bulls languishing shelters who are in need of homes.
From the American Humane Association, here is a list of common myths about Pit Bulls,all referenced and backed with science. Click the gallery to read through FACT and FICTION about Pit Bulls. I posed this, in great part, because of a noon news segment on WGN TV which had it wrong.