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Otters Play Piano

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Otters (Asian Small-Clawed Otters to be exact) at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. do (sort of) what our cat Ricky did back in the 1990′s – play the piano. I wanted to demonstrate that cats CAN learn (which back then – even today – requires proof by some) and enrich Ricy’s life. This... Read more »

Remembring Ricky the Cat's Visit with Steve King and Johnnie Putman on WGN Radio

Remembring Ricky the Cat's Visit with Steve King and Johnnie Putman on WGN Radio
Maybe 20, maybe 30 times over the years Ive been a guest on WGN  radio with Steve King and Johnnie Putman. Yet, they never interviewed me, they talked with me – it was an easy conversation, like in the backyard over the fence with a neighbor. Of all those appearances, my favorite was with a... Read more »

A Cat Lover's Valentine's Day

What no Valentine? Did you forget to buy a card or a gift for the big day? If your Valentine happens to be a cat lover, I have a gift idea from the heart, for the heart. Give to the Ricky Fund. A surprisingly common cause of death among adult cats is called feline hypertrophic... Read more »

Let's End Heart Disease in Cats: I Need Your Help

If ever a journalist was right, blogger Franny Syufy wrote “I deeply loved my cat Ricky.’ Of course, we all love our pets, but every once in a while, there’s that pet who has a special connection with you, who touches your heart as few do. Ricky Ricky was that cat for me – and... Read more »

CATcerto: Nora the Piano Playing Cat in Concert

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