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Adopter of Vick's Dog Appalled that Vick Receives Key to the City

Richard Hunter happens to have adopted one of Michael Vick’s victim. He met Vick at a news conference and was rebuffed by Vick (see for yourself). What’s more Vick, a convicted felon, was given a key to the City by Dallas, TX Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway. Hunter, in this clip, speaks to the City... Read more »

The Real Michael Vick?

So, how does Michael Vick feel about those surviving dogs from Bad Newz Kennels?  Richard Hunter, a reporter in Dallas, attended the bizarre event of the Mayor Pro Tem honoring Vick with a key to the city (without permission or consultation of the Mayor or City Council). Hunter and his wife adopted one of the... Read more »

Michael Vick Is No Hero

Some of my Facebook fans suggested I post (in full) my most recent Tribune Media Services story of January 5 about Michael Vick and my views on President Obama speaking out for Vick, and his yearning to have a family dog. So, here it is. Michael Vick is no hero I understand President Obama’s choice... Read more »

I'm Glad the President Spoke Out About Vick: It's Just What He Said That Bothered Me

I understand President Obama’s choice to speak out on Michael Vick. The President reportedly phoned to congratulate Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving the convicted felon a second chance.  President Obama explained that a level playing field rarely exists for prisoners who have completed their sentences. Vick’s success gives all of them hope. And... Read more »

Bar Boycotts Vick, Are they Overdoing It?

For me, Steve Coffman is an animal advocate of the year. Steve Who? Coffman owns Slates Primetime Grille, a sports bar, in Sandpoint, Idaho.  And all through the football season, they’ve boycotted anything having to do with Michael Vick. Slates Prime Time Grill The bar reportedly won’t play Philadelphia Eagles games on their TV’s, or... Read more »

HSUS Says Vick Is Almost Ready to Have a Dog

So, should Michael Vick get a get dog? Vick said in an interview he thinks getting a dog would help in his rehabilitation. Wayne Pacelle and Michael Vick Wayne Pacelle, president CEO of the Humane Society of the United States has taken Vick under the HSUS wing, traveling to communities to talk about dog fighting.... Read more »

Should I Hop on the Vick Forgiveness Wagon?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is all over himself praising Michael Vick….Maybe that can be explained….because the Philadelphia Eagles, the team Vick is quarterback for, is doing so well, and Vick is having such a terrific year (all of that means $$$$ for the NFL). Michael Vick If you’re cynical, you may suggest Goodell has good... Read more »

Michael Vick Wants a Dog, No Kidding

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told NBC and the, he wants a dog. In the interview, it’s noted how often Vick speaks to young people to warn them about dog fighting. The reporter suggested Vick was actually mandated by the court to make these community appearances, which Vick surprisingly denies. Also, community service is... Read more »

Merry Christmas Michael Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that teammates voted convicted dogfighter Michael Vick with this year’s Ed Block Courage Award, announced December 23. The Ed Block Courage Award is presented annually to an Eagles player who exemplifies commitment to the principals of sportsmanship and courage. According to press reports Vick’s response, “I’ve had a lot to overcome,... Read more »

Michael Vick Is a TV Executive Producer

I’m fine with Michael Vick exploring the trials and tribulations of his life on BET TV, if and only if he donates the dollars to animal welfare. Maybe he’ll produce a show with a clear humane conscience. Or instead will this show be an attempt to ‘excuse’ his behavior? We’ll have to wait and see,... Read more »