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Jimmy Carter of Cats Makes Peace

Jimmy Carter of Cats Makes Peace
Are your cats fighting like cats and cats? If so, how about some free help from the Jimmy Carter of cats, veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter. She’ll help you make the peace. But how you can tell if your if your cats are fighting, or just having a good time? Sometimes cats are so covert,... Read more »

Pet Experts Answer Your Questions at Central Veterinary Conference

Pet Experts Answer Your Questions at Central Veterinary Conference
SAN DIEGO, CA — These reader questions were answered at the Central Veterinary Conference West, held at the San Diego Convention Center, Dec. 5-9. Q: Why does my cat go crazy if I step on an ant? She’ll roll around on the spot. — W.G., Cyberspace. A: “I suspect it’s all about the smell,” says... Read more »

The Nose Knows Fear

This has actually happened to us…You’re walking down the street with your dog, and some guy walks by apparently minding his own business. Your dog then begins to uncharacteristically act out of sorts, and instantly the guy jumps out of his skin – really triggering your dog now. Clearly, your dog knew from the start... Read more »
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