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Petfinder's 2011 Most Pet-Friendly North American Airlines

Petfinder's 2011 Most Pet-Friendly North American Airlines has compiled their list of North America’s most pet friendly airlines. Not sure that’s easy to do. In fact, not sure how anyone – these days – could compile a list of airlines that are people friendly. No matter, here’s what Petfinder has come up with: Most Pet-Friendly Overall: Pet Airways. Not sure how... Read more »

Traveling with Pets, Safety First

More people are traveling with their pets more than ever before. Car manufacturers are even paying attention to safety and comfort – for dogs! Toyota is arguably an industry leader in this regard. Pet friendly Toyota Venza The special Pawssport charter flight, operated by Elgin-based Valley Air Service Inc., caters to pets that travel onboard... Read more »

The Friendly Skies Aren't Always So Friendly For Pets

Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Hilkevitch got it right, but many news reports on TV and radio, in particular, goofed. The reports indicated that according to the United States Department of Transportation flying with short-faced dogs or dogs with those pushed in noses places their lives at a greater risk, and advices against it. Well, that’s... Read more »

Cat Stuck in Wall, announcements from the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and Miss Meowsky on Steve Dale's Pet World

I work a double shift tomorrow (Saturday, November 28) on WLS – Steve Dale’s Pet World, or 890 AM. At 6 am (cst) – listener Ann Bodman tells the amazing story of how she extricated her cat from between walls in her home (check out the gallery here). And Dr. Yuval Nir, president of... Read more »