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Pawz for Japan, A Benefit to Help Animal Victims in Japan

After the event, Tokiko (who should be proud of her accomplishment to pull this benefit together), Robin and me.
What a beautiful concert and tribute, Pawz for Japan honored and raised money for animal victims in Japan, benefiting World Vets and Japan Earthquake Rescue and Support (JEARS). Here are some highlights of the evening, from the Drake Hotel. 

Paws for Japan: Please Support this Benefit Concert to Help Animal Victims in Japan

Pawz for Japan is a benefit held April 30 to raise money for the pets and their families in Japan. The need is overwhelming. Many after the disaster asked to help. Japan’s officials didn’t know the answer – now organizations are seeking help. Please help if you can. This is a concert at the Drake... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Pawz For Japan, Happy Birthday Dr. Fisher, Dr. Susan Little on FIP and Gas Chambers Still Being Used in Some Shelters

Chicago is the first city to host a major fundraiser for Japanese pets Listen to the PETCAST by clicking HERE (it’s Free, and all you do is click) Chicago musician Tokiko Takeuchi is doing something about the plight of pets in Japan. She talks about a benefit concert – which I will host – she’s... Read more »

Pawz for Japan, A Benefit to Help Pets

The horrific events which occurred in Japan were on the front page….As it should have been…but while U.S. news cycle moved on, Japan has not. It turns out they need our help now more than ever! Chicago musician Tokiko Takeuchi, an animal lover, couldn’t sit back and do nothing. She has organized a concert to... Read more »