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Community Cats, Putting Cats to Work with Anne Beall

Community Cats, Putting Cats to Work with Anne Beall
Cats without owners number more or less about the same in number as those who are cared for, according to Anne Beall, author of Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats.  Listen HERE to Anne’s conversation on WGN Radio on Steve Dale’s Pet World about her book and what she’s learned about feral/stray community... Read more »

Working Cat Program Helps to Banish Rats

Working Cat Program Helps to Banish Rats
Q: If you’re such an animal lover, why do you endorse feral cat colonies being placed where rats are for rat control? — B.C.D., Chicago, IL A: So, you like rats, do you? Domestic pet rats are, in fact, great pets; they’re very interactive and surprisingly intelligent. Sadly, pet rats don’t live very long. City... Read more »

BlogPaws Experts Answer Reader Pet Questions

BlogPaws Experts Answer Reader Pet Questions
TYSON’S CORNER, VA — These selected questions were answered by experts attending the BlogPaws Conference 2013 here May 16-18. Over 500 pet bloggers and writers gathered to learn more about using social media to educate pet owners. Q: My 1-year-old Dachshund is lovable, but won’t stop peeing in the house, no matter how many times... Read more »

Becky Robinson on Unowed Cats: Alley Cat Allies

Thumbnail image for 'Becky Robinson on Unowed Cats: Alley Cat Allies'
Becky Robinson is the President and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies, a non profit which protects and advocates for all cats, owned and feral. When it comes to speaking up for cats, Robinson is one of the nation’s most known advocates and experts on cats, particularly on TNR.

Biting Cold and Your Pets: Keeping Pets Safe

So, our nearly 16-year old dog, Lucy, was squatting about to do her business – and the wind off the Lake was so severe that a gust literally blew her over on her side. I had to pick her up. Over the next few days, not only will much of America have to deal with... Read more »

More Cats in Shelters, Though TNR Does Seem To Help

The good news is that trap, neuter, release seems to be working , the bad news is that more cats are apparently in need of TNR and are being given up to shelters. This story focuses the general Austin area in Central Texas, according to Many agree this trend is generally true around America,... Read more »
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