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Gov. Quinn Signs Bill To Save Shelter Pets' Lives

I had the honor of introducing Dr. Robyn Barbiers, president of the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago. I thanked the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners and Best Friends legislative guru Ledy Van Kavage. The Governor had mentioned that Illinois should be number one when it comes to animals protection laws. I said, "Thanks to you Gov. Quinn, and also to Ledy, we are number one!" Sen. Pamella Althoff, R-McHenry  and Rep. David Reis (R-Olney) were responsible for first introducing the bipartisan bill. (photo by John Ryan Griggs)
At the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago, I had the honor of participating in the signing of a bill which mandates that Illinois animal shelters scan all incoming pets not once but at least twice for a microchip. Here are some images from the bill signing.

Dr. Rubin's Favorite Things

Oprah has her favorite things, and Dr. Sheldon Rubin has his favorite things. Roll around the Treatball, and Dr. Rubin will pick up the kibble. Point the laser light, and Dr. Rubin will chase it. Your pets’ best friend – veterinarians like Dr. Rubin. If your pet hasn’t been to the veterinarian in six months,... Read more »

Join In the Salute to Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Chicago’s doesn’t have a veterinarian named James Heriot, but we did have Dr. Sheldon Rubin for 41 years caring for and treating pets, advocating for laws beneficial to pets and appearing in the media to disseminate information. Lake Shore Animal Shelter is honoring Dr. Rubin with a Bone Vivant thank you brunch, June 13 at... Read more »

Why Are Puppy Mills Allowed to Operate?

If puppy mills dogs are living in horrific conditions, conditions which are not anywhere nearly United States Department of Agriculture legal standards – how can these places operate? Federal investigators have uncovered grisly conditions at puppy mills where dogs were infested with ticks, living with gaping wounds and in pools of feces, according to a... Read more »

Dr. Sheldon Rubin On Demand, WLS-AM

What a discussion: Flea and heartworm control, getting dogs’ coats in good shape and getting dogs into physical condition for the summer, even what to do if there’s a pet emergency. Here’s a one-hour On Demand conversation with Chicago’s own Dr. Sheldon Rubin. America doesn’t have James Herriot, but we do have Dr. Rubin. There’s... Read more »

Salute to Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Dr. Sheldon Rubin retired after 41 years treating Chicago’s pets…he was Oprah’s vet and he was the veterinarian to people who couldn’t afford care…No veterinarian in Chicago has ever been as influential. No veterinarian in America has ever communicated as much with the public. Here’s a gallery salute to Chicago’s own James Herriot, including a... Read more »

Fur Flies Over Ad With Michelle Obama

The White House maintains that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) had no right to use the image of Michelle Obama in their latest anti-fur ad. Although, the White House was quick to ad that the First Lady does not wear fur. According to media reports, PeTA president Ingrid Newkirk says her group... Read more »

Dr. Sheldon Rubin Honored by the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Rubin Retires! It really is a headline. Chicago will never be the same – our pets won’t  anyway…You may know him as Oprah’s one-time veterinarian; a frequent guest on Wally Phillips’ (back in the day) or the veterinarian to be a guest most often on my shows; or as president of the American Heartworm... Read more »

Barking In Defense of Dogs

This is my reply to fellow Chicago Now blogger Stephen Markley’s post about why he simply doesn’t like dogs, or for that matter – it seems – animals.Poor Stephen (odd we share a very similar name) begins by talking about the barking dog ordinance recently passed in Chicago (which i don’t believe is a bad... Read more »