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Clicker Training Reticulated Giraffes at Niabi Zoo

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Operant conditioning in action, training increasingly rare reticulated giraffes to respond to a target, ultimately to undergo medial testing or treatment, at the small Niabi Zoo in rural Coal Valley Illinois. Video by Karen Pryor Academy faculty Laura Monaco Torelli of Chicago.

The 5 Podcasts Of Christmas: Karen Pryor Queen Of the Clicker

All week long, I look back at some of my favorite WLS-AM Podcasts in 2010. Karen Pryor with me and one of our cats Steve Dale Petcast with Karen Pryor: Listen Here Imagine spending an entire hour with Karen Pryor. Her 2010 release, “Reaching the Animal Mind” is now considered a classic, as was her... Read more »

Karen Pryor on Steve Dale's Pet World

One-hour with the Queen of Operant Conditioning, Karen Pryor. Listen to my wide ranging 890-AM  WLS podcast, as the legendary Karen Pryor and discuss everything from Oscar training (as in a kind of fish) to playing games with your dog which dogs help invent the rules. Other topics range from Cesar Millan to kleptomaniac Dalmatians.... Read more »

Parrot Beaks World's Record

Speed parrot training. A Senegal parrot performs 20 tricks in 2 minutes. Pretty cool, I think.