Adoptions aren't possible without volunteers - check out this group, superstars who individually have made a difference, and together are responsible for countless lives saved....(l to r) Melanie Sobel, Charlie Propsom, Nikki Proutsos. (Far left an unidentified volunteer). Four wonderful volunteers, among the legion of volunteers who have helped adopt these dogs over the years, not to mention many CACC employees (such as the amazing Charles Craft). Lloyd Pettit once said, "We lose a puck and gain a faceoff." Today, he'd say, 'We lose a puck and adopt a dog.'
When the Chicago Wolves arranged their first Adopt-A-Dog Night in 2001, Wolves Chairman of the Board Don Levin figured the team would try the promotion once or twice. Fans loved it….and meanwhile Levin became a major supporter of Animal Care & Control. Other potential supporters saw what Levin was doing for the animals, and they... Read more »