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Elgin Removes Proposed Pit Bull Ban

In the end I must say longtime Mayor Ed Schock and the councilmen listened to their residents, as they promised they would - there will be no Pit Bull ban or restrictions on Pit Bulls in Elgin.  I am glad to report as I suggested (and likely others), one solution to give police additional tools... Read more »

Are They Joking? Elgin Says They Will Comprimise on Their Pit Bull Restrictions

When the wording of the “compromise” began all Pit Bulls will continue to be deemed dangerous, I knew this wasn’t a compromise at all. As it stood previously Elgin, IL public officials wanted to restrict Pit Bulls – for starters – by instantly deeming each one dangerous (without temperament testing) and mandating $500,000 of insurance.... Read more »

Elgin Bans Pit Bulls (or any dog they call a Pit Bull)

Officials in Elgin say they’re not planning to ban Pit Bulls. I beg to differ, as does the dude hosting videos at if the ordinance in Elgin passes, all Pit Bulls (or dogs they call Pit Bulls) will instantly be deemed dangerous – just because they are called Pit Bulls – no other reason.... Read more »

All Pit Bulls Are Presumed Dangerous in Elgin

Under a new ordinance in Elgin, all Pit Bulls are presumed to be dangerous dogs. That’s outrageous! Shame on Eligin, Illilnois. Apparently, if a Pit Bull named Lassie rescues a little boy or Pit Bull works at a nursing home as an animal assisted therapy dog, the Pit Bull is still dangerous. Of course, all... Read more »