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Licensing Dog Owners, Not the Dogs: Maybe Not Such a Bad Idea

Licensing Dog Owners, Not the Dogs: Maybe Not Such a Bad Idea
As an outcome of the recent attack by two Pit Bull-type dogs in Chicago, Alderman Bob Fioretti (2nd ward) has offered an interesting idea – licensing dog owners. I actually believe the idea is brilliant – or at least a start. The city can better enforce; most municipalities (including Chicago)¬† license dogs. That’s not very... Read more »

Great Blog Post On Pit Bulls

In her blog, an Insider’s Guide to Urban Life, Mary Margaret McSweene writes that she is attacked each morning by a dog. Her dog Jake, a Pit Bull mix, attacks her with kisses. It’s what many devoted dogs do, whether they are Labrador’s or Pit Bulls. To a great extent, I owe Michael Vick a... Read more »

Alternative Ideas To Mandated Spay Neuter

The issues relating to shelters, why people give up pets to shelters and pet adoption are very complex. I don’t maintain to have all the answers. Still, I do have some ideas. For sure, what won’t work – that’s mandatory spay/neuter. There’s new information which demonstrates how MSN has failed, maybe even costing communities more... Read more »

Mandatory Spay/Neuter FAILS in California - Here's the Proof

Mandatory spay/neuter has failed in California. A small percent of animal rights proponents attempted very hard to push through MSN in Chicago. Given this data, I am more glad today than ever that they failed. Their primary arguments – Mandatory spay/neuter could mean more people letting their pets go, or bringing them into shelters. In... Read more »

Animals in Illinois are Safe

Report Ranks Illinois Best in Animal Protection Laws, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Actually, I personally agree with this…And soon, I hope, for a new law. And you read it here first: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (who we can credit for many animal protection laws) was on my WLS show discussing the... Read more »

Mandated Spay/Neuter Fails in California As It Has Here (as it should fail)

I am NOT a fan of mandated spay/neuter. Listen, I’ve worked for years as hard as anyone to support the notion of spay/neuter. Absolutely, in general, spaying/neutering is the responsible right thing to do! However, these mandates to spay/neuter carry with them FAR too many unintended consequences. And as a result these mandates do more... Read more »