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Dr. Sophia Yin: Her Legacy

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Dr. Sophia Yin, applied animal behaviorist, who died as a result of a suicide at 48 on September 28 , was brilliant. Positively brilliant. Brilliance is sometimes difficult to explain and difficult to understand. We produced this video to shine a spotlight on Dr. Yin’s messages regarding animal handling and positive reinforcement, rather than focus... Read more »

Dr. Sophia Yin's Loss Is Profound

Dr. Sophia Yin's Loss Is Profound
Dr. Sophia Yin was a frequent presenter at veterinary conferences and dog training conferences around the world. Unlike most veterinarians, she enjoyed a huge fan base of not only veterinarians, but also dog trainers, groomers and pet owners. Sophia Yin unexpectedly passed away today (September 29). Dr. Yin’s ┬ámission in life was to improve our... Read more »

WGN Petcast: Animal Welfare League of Chicago, Scanning Pets for Microchips, All Pets Wellness and Clipping Nails

Listen to this WGN Radio Petcast. Unsung heroes – that’s Chicago Animal Welfare League. Because they accept SO many strays and unwanted animals, they take a huge toll off Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC). Jill Cahr and Diane Spyrka I can’t imagine what our city would be without them. Yet, unlike CACC they receive... Read more »