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Weigh In On Pet Adoption Legislation, Steve Dale's Pet World

Weigh In On Pet Adoption Legislation, Steve Dale's Pet World
Adopting a pet from an animal shelter or a rescue group is a good idea. But what should you know about that animal shelter as you walk in the door, or that rescue as you go online? That’s how I begin Steve Dale’s Pet World on April 6 on WGN Radio (listen here or 720... Read more »

Gov. Quinn Signs Bill To Save Shelter Pets' Lives

I had the honor of introducing Dr. Robyn Barbiers, president of the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago. I thanked the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners and Best Friends legislative guru Ledy Van Kavage. The Governor had mentioned that Illinois should be number one when it comes to animals protection laws. I said, "Thanks to you Gov. Quinn, and also to Ledy, we are number one!" Sen. Pamella Althoff, R-McHenry  and Rep. David Reis (R-Olney) were responsible for first introducing the bipartisan bill. (photo by John Ryan Griggs)
At the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago, I had the honor of participating in the signing of a bill which mandates that Illinois animal shelters scan all incoming pets not once but at least twice for a microchip. Here are some images from the bill signing.

Cat Stuck in Wall, announcements from the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and Miss Meowsky on Steve Dale's Pet World

I work a double shift tomorrow (Saturday, November 28) on WLS – Steve Dale’s Pet World, or 890 AM. At 6 am (cst) – listener Ann Bodman tells the amazing story of how she extricated her cat from between walls in her home (check out the gallery here). And Dr. Yuval Nir, president of... Read more »