Dr. Anderson had called me about something....I don't recall what. I parenthetically mentioned our new dog, Ethel, was pulling on her Gentle Leader. He said, "Well, you are doing it wrong. Let me come to Chicago (from Minneapolis) and show you how it's done." I was worried that in winter (though the weather turned out great), it's possible his big red truck would hit snow on the way. He was a young guy at the time, around 85 or 86. His videographer and friend Duffer Schultz convinced him to fly. Amazing, the legendary Dr. R. K. Anderson was teaching our dog to walk on a Gentle Leader.
Veterinary behaviorist Dr. R.K. Anderson was simply a legend in veterinary medicine – the public didn’t know his name (or his long list of achievements) but veterinarians, veterinary technicians and dog trainers sure knew. Dr. Anderson, who passed away Oct. 19 at age 90,  and I worked together on several initiatives, and I interviewed him... Read more »