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Steve Dale Podcast, the Producers

Steve Dale Podcast, the Producers
Steve Dale’s Other World, Inaugural Podcast. The idea of all these bi-monthly podcasts will be to take you behind-the-scenes, getting a kiss with the truth on a wide array of topics (not typically pet-related) I do have a pet podcast that you can hear – but this is different. It’s real world radio! THE PRODUCERS:... Read more »

Steve Dale's Other World

Steve Dale's Other World
A new podcast, called Steve Dale’s Other World is scheduled to begin soon (airing on Itunes and WGNPlus). Twice monthly, I will interview people you may not expect me to talk with…having nothing necessarily to do with pets…and in each interview I will bring you behind closed doors, as you eavesdrop on my conversations with... Read more »

Adopt a Pit Bull

Anna Johnson of Chicago Canine Rescue's second appearance with an adoptable dog on our monthly pet adoption segments. This dog's heart is larger than the state which she lives - SO SWEET!
Talulah appeared with Steve Cochran and me on Wednesday on our monthly pet adoption segment on WGN Radio. Yes, this six to nine month old pit mix needs some training and direction, but her heart is so good – totally delightful! And that’s pretty amazing considering her story. Police were called when neighbors discovered a guy beating his dog.... Read more »

Steve Dale Returns to WGN Radio

I am very pleased to return to WGN
For 12 years, I hosted Pet Central at WGN Radio (1997-2009). I’m proud of what I was able to do at the radio station, and grateful that I was able to make a difference for pets in Chicago, and in some ways for pets all of the country. In 2009 WLS took me on as... Read more »