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Pet Gifts for Holidays

The Duck Dynasty family is ubiquitous on TV, from chatting on late-night talk shows and marching in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to appearing in pet stores as plush squeaky duck dog toys. Each toy duck vaguely resembles someone in the TV reality family. So, of course, the Willie and Jase ducks have red beards, while Phil and Si ducks have white beards. The duck toys are $13.95 to $17.95 at; (773) 868-0200.
Increasingly, pets get holiday gifts, not only from their immediate families but also from friends and relatives. When attending a party, in addition to the traditional hostess gift, guests often tote a present for the resident pet(s). Here are a few ideas for pets for the Howlidays: (© Tribune Content Agency, LLC; Steve Dale PetWorld,... Read more »

Depressed Unemployed Dogs

Depressed Unemployed Dogs
Many dogs are depressed,  and I believe a ‘doggy psychiatrist’ would call these dogs clinically depressed. The depression isn’t caused by concerns about stock market or that their favorite baseball team isn’t winning, it’s caused greatly by little to do and with little interaction with family members. Often times there are any of or a... Read more »

Veterinary Behavior Symposium: Experts Answer Pet Behavior Questions

Veterinary Behavior Symposium: Experts Answer Pet Behavior Questions
CHICAGO, IL. — These reader pet behavior questions were answered by experts from around the world attending the Veterinary Behavior Symposium July 19 in Chicago, just prior to the 150th Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Members of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and American College of Veterinary Behavior hold this forum... Read more »

Anxious Pets: Solutions on 'Good Day Chicago'

On this TV Segment on Fox News in Chicago with Kori Chambers, I offer several tips on dealing with anxious dogs. Listen, if your dog is totally freaked out by thunderstorms or being left alone, then none of this will solve the problem – you DO need to see your veterinarian, and likely psycho-pharmaceutical intervention is the... Read more »

Reader Questions: Dog Attacks Mail; Shih Tzus Should be Called Shit (eating) Tzus?

Reader Questions: Dog Attacks Mail; Shih Tzus Should be Called Shit (eating) Tzus?
Q: I have the happiest and most pleasant dog on the planet — except when the mail carrier drops mail into our slot. Sadie growls and attacks the mail, then barks and growls until the carrier walks away. If I’m not home, mail is sometimes ripped apart. Try explaining to the gas company, “my dog... Read more »

Holiday Gifts for Pets, Sniff 'Em Out

The latest in the Loppie toy series, Red Nosed Reindeer Loopie, plays the tune " Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" when squeezed; $14.95,; 773-268-0200.
This is from my own Tribune Media Services story on holiday gifts for pets. according to the 2009 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey, 52 percent of dog owners and 39 percent of cat owners bought holiday gifts for their pets. This season, with the economy still weak, will that generosity fade? “Everyone’s... Read more »

Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day
June 25 (Friday) is Take Your Dog to Work Day. I have been a supporter from day one, now Pet Sitters International oversees the events and associated activities. Hopefully, your place of work will welcome your best friend with four legs. Here are some of my tips to help make the day a success: The... Read more »

Kong Wobbler: A New Kong Toy

Here’s a toy to feed your dog from, the new Kong Wobbler. I think, in general, all dogs should be fed all their meals from food dispensing toys.
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