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Animal News That's Fit to Click, Sliding Down Things

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Animal News that’s fit to click is all about animals that like to slide down things….from ducklings creating their own water park to kitties sliding down a slide for fun (though mother cat doesn’t think it’s fun). to a dog who’s life couldn’t be more fun. WARNING: You may require a towel to view these... Read more »

Animals Make News at Airports

Animals Make News at Airports
Can it really rain cats and dogs, at least it apparently can rain cats or at least kittens, if you are waiting for a flight at the Miami International Airport. Three kittens recently fell from the ceiling of Terminal J in Miami International Airport. The kittens were discovered after one traveler complained of odd noises in a... Read more »

Dr. R.K. Anderson Talks About Matching the Right Pet For You

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Arguably, no one working in the field of companion animal behavior has been as pioneering and has had the impact as Dr. R.K. Anderson. He passed away October 19, at age 90. I worked with Dr. Anderson on many initiatives, and was honored to interview him many times. Here’s one sit-down we did at the... Read more »

Budgie and Kitties, BFF's

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Am I the only one worried about this bird? This appears to be an adult budgie mutually grooming with the kittens. Clearly when this is shot everyone is content…but…..(thanks to Paulette for the link)

Tree House Humane Kitten Shower

Kitty at the Tree House Humane Society Kitten Shower
Attending and speaking at the Tree House Humane Society Kitten Shower, congratulations to those who either adopted kittens and/or brought items to donate.

Tree House Humane Society: Adopting 26 Cats in 26 Hours

Tree House Humane Society: Adopting 26 Cats in 26 Hours
Who knew that adopting a cat might be an excuse to party. Cats will adopted FREE at Tree House Humane Society, March 30 through April 1…the goal is to adopt 26 cats in 26 hours. A to celebrate all these cats finding forever homes! Actually, Tree House – and cats at all shelters throughout most... Read more »

Pam Johnson-Bennett Thinks Like a Cat at Tree House Humane Society

Before Pam spoke, folks were able to visit with the real stars of any show at Tree House Humane Society, the cats!
“Think Like a Cat,” the talk Pam Johnson Bennett gave at Tree House Humane Society’s Ashland Avenue branch. Pam also answered questions and signed books on November 4. Johnson-Bennett is the best selling cat book author on the planet, a cat behavior consultant and pioneer in the field….and most important to me, a longtime friend... Read more »

Kitty Dance

Pitbull and Kitten, Best Friends

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I am sick and tired of those stories on Pit Bull-type dogs, usually mixes anyway….If there is a generalization about well-socialized Pitties…..well watch the video – this is what they are REALLY like! Also, more and more pet owners are following the trend of having a dog and cat (or two cats).

When Adopting Cats, Consider Two

Here are two questions/answers which appear in my Tribune Media Services syndicated columns, both tying into the American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Cat Month.       Q: I’m thinking of adopting a new cat. I’ve had cats all my life, and this is my first period being ‘catless.’ In the past, cats have just showed up at my... Read more »