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Kitten Wants to Chew

Kitten Wants to Chew
Q: My 6-month-old kitten will chew on just about anything. I’m careful to make sure she doesn’t harm herself. Is there something cats can chew that’s safe, similar to rawhide for dogs? Any other suggestions?– H.H., Seminole, FL A: First, make your home as kitten-safe as possible. If your kitty began nibbling through a live... Read more »

Tree House Humane Society Turns Kitten Around

Tree House Humane Society Turns Kitten Around
Tree House Humane Society staff and shelter do this sort of thing all the time – this story happened to have gone viral….and being a Tree House Humane Society supporter (and member of the Board of Directors), I am happy to write about Stockings – but there are many similar stories. Stockings, an orange tabby,... Read more »

Kitten Means Hope for Homeless Woman

Kitten Means Hope for Homeless Woman
Homeless people are unfortunately omnipresent on Michigan Avenue, and across America. In truth, over time, many of these people begging for money become invisible, especially if you see them everyday. This homeless woman wasn’t invisible. The difference between her and all the others is a little kitten. She told me she was forced out on... Read more »

Dog Wants A Kitty

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Can dogs and cats live together? Maybe some dogs want a kitty? Maybe some cats would like a pet dog (to cats, that’s how it goes – we are their ‘pet people,’ I believe).

Cute Kitten, Stuck

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The kitten IS cute – well over a million hits – but note, the kitty is also scared….Oh well – no real harm.

Dog gives birth to Kitten? I Don't Think So

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There are he birds and the bees….and there are cats and dogs. End of story. I just don’t believe this story about a dog giving birth to a cat, anymore than I believe that pigs fly.

Unlikely Friendships: Animal Odd Couples

Unlikely Friendships: Animal Odd Couples
By Steve Dale If these guys can do it, so can Democrats and Republications…”Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom,” a new book by Jennifer Holland (Workman Publishing, New York, NY; $13.95), offers stories of improbable and mysterious friendships. Take the dwarf hamster and the rat snake. They first met at a Japanese... Read more »

Hugging the Kitten

Hugging is usually considered a primate thing….but not always. 

Click Shy Kitty to be as Extroverted as a Lion

I receive questions for my Tribune Media Services syndicated newspaper column, and periodically I will now print some (with answers, of course, in this space). Q: My daughter planned to take in a stray kitten, but her two cats weren’t friendly. She ended up giving the kitten to me. At first, he spent most of... Read more »

Surprised Kitty

You will never see anything cuter – EVER!! than peek-a-boo with a kitty (or your money back!!!!!!)
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