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Barking at Dog Writer's Association Dinner

For about 20 years the Dog Writer's Association of America Banquet has been held the night before the Westminster Dog Show at the Affinia Hotel, across from the Madison Square Garden. This is an awards banquet to celebrate achievements of those who write and broadcast about dogs. There are several 'special' awards, as dozens of Maxwell Medallions presented. Colleagues judge other colleagues. I've been honored about a few dozen of these Maxwell's - but this night far more was to come.
Here are some images from the Annual Dog Writer’s Association of America Awards Banquet. Here are details of the DWAA Hall of Fame.

Dog Reader Questions Answered at Westminster Dog Show

Dog Reader Questions Answered at Westminster Dog Show
Q: My 4-year-old Red-boned Coonhound has been obedience trained; we’ve done everything we can to train him off-leash. However, he still breaks free from his lead, leaves the yard and runs off, returning half an hour later. We’ve never had a dog behave this way before. What’s your solution? — G.D., Angola, NY A: Pet... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Saving Your Pets' Hearts, Saving Greyhounds and Pet Adoption Event

Click HERE to listen to this WGN Radio PETCAST (podcast for pet lovers) I was so surprised myself at how often heart disease occurs in dogs, according to Dr. Sonya Gordon, board certified veterinary cardiologist and Assistant Professor of Cardiology at Texas A&M University. In fact, most older and smaller dogs have heart disease. Astounding.... Read more »