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Pet Health Meets Human Health: Zoobiquity Conference

Pet Health Meets Human Health: Zoobiquity Conference
NEW YORK CITY — It’s been called “one health” or comparative medicine, and now “zoobiquity” is the in-vogue term used to describe the intersection where human and animal medicine meet. Here’s an example: Lyme disease affects dogs and people, but inexplicably, Lyme doesn’t cause illness in cats. Studying the parallels of Lyme in dogs and... Read more »

Pet Books for Summer, from Solider Dogs to a Cow Kitty

"Soldier Dogs: The Untold Story of America's Canine Heroes," by Maria Goodavage (Penguin Publishing, New York, NY, 2012; $26.95). Truly an excellent read. Although the author is known for her work as a dog writer, she's a storyteller and a journalist first. Goodavage doesn't glamorize these dogs. She doesn't need to; just telling their stories is compelling. The truth is that insiders in the military consider our "war dogs" indispensable. Read this book, and you'll discover why. Among the surprising revelations, in addition to the record number of soldiers coming home with posttraumatic stress disorder syndrome, some military dogs are also returning with PTSDS.
Here some summer pet book reads – everything from touching and true stories of hero dogs to understanding the science of what animals can teach us about human health to a sweet kids book about adopting one special cat who looked like a cow. And, of course, if you’re a Kindle, Nook or Ipad person... Read more »