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Dog and Cat Training and the Animal Control Big Night; Steve Dale's Pet World

Dog and Cat Training and the Animal Control Big Night; Steve Dale's Pet World
Steve Dale’s Pet World at 1 p.m. CDT Saturday August 31, 720 AM or Listen HERE – begins with a conversation about Chicago Animal Care & Control Big Night benefit with Charlie Propsom, president, Kathy Booton Wilson, vice president of the Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control. The benefit is September 26, 6:30 p.m. at... Read more »

Clicker Training Reticulated Giraffes at Niabi Zoo

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Operant conditioning in action, training increasingly rare reticulated giraffes to respond to a target, ultimately to undergo medial testing or treatment, at the small Niabi Zoo in rural Coal Valley Illinois. Video by Karen Pryor Academy faculty Laura Monaco Torelli of Chicago.

WGN Radio Petcast: Dolphin Trainers Go To the Dogs

WGN Radio Petcast: Dolphin Trainers Go To the Dogs
Listen HERE to this WGN Radio Petcast...the theme: Dolphin trainers (and those who train other animals) who become dog trainers.  (note; the podcast may take a moment to load) Kathy Sdao is certified as an instructor by the Karen Pryor Academy, and an associate certified animal behaviorist. These days, she speaks at conferences about dog... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Rabies Reality, Sit Down with a Norwegian Dog Trainer and Would You Take A Million Dollars for Your Pet

Want to listen to this Petcast: It’s easy: CLICK HERE Dr. Donna Alexander, Cook County Veterinarian on rabies awareness. If you don’t believe rabies is a ‘big deal,’ listen. I love hearing perspectives from other countries, that’s always a fascinating discussion. Cecilie Koste, is a renown dog trainer in Norway. Cecilie Koste at the Karen... Read more »

Best Animal Behavior Website Gets Better with Expert Overview

I am proud to say I’m a part of this story. When legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. R. K. Anderson told me, “I’m the same age as Betty White, you know…and I want to assure a positive future for ABRIonline,org (Animal Behavior Resources Institute).” I’m on the Board of Director at the American Humane Association, which... Read more »

American Humane Behavior and Training Advisory Committee

I’ve supported and promoted the Animal Behavior Research Institute website since its inception several years back as the best place for professionals to go to for pet behavior information. The site is free and also open to the public. So anyone can sneak in and watch superstars in the world of animal behavior instruct their... Read more »
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