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Love At First Bark with Julie Klam

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A conversation with Julie Klam, author of “Love at First Bark: How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help Your to Save Yourself.” She rescued a Pit Bull-type dog – different that the Boston Terriers she previously worked with, and other stories.  

Pet Books for the Holidays

"Raising My Furry Children," by Tracy Ahrens, with guest story by Steve Dale (Weaving Dreams Publishing, Watseka, IL, 2011; $18.95).
A cardboard box with two cats inside was dropped at the front door of Kankakee County (Ill.) Animal Control. "My owner is dying and can't take care of us anymore," the note attached to the box begins. Here Ahrens' story also begins. The overwhelming majority of pet owners consider their pets members of the family, and for millions, pets serve almost as surrogate children (or grandchildren). Ahrens tells stories about her own pets; some are funny, some touching, and all offer lessons. I contributed a story about a Brittany named Chaser, who changed my life. Following that, Ahrens writes about her Brittany, Speckles. Many cat stories follow. A portion of the book's proceeds will benefit American Brittany Rescue. Perhaps, you can relate to what Ahrens says -- or not. In one story, she explains:  "Since I live alone, well, with my pets, I have a habit of not closing my bathroom door while I'm in bathroom taking care of business. I tried a few times to close the door behind me, but little paws instantly poke under the bottom crack of the door, persistently scratch on the door, claw at the carpet outside of the door, or attempt to pull open the door from the bottom by grabbing it with claws...So, I instilled an open-door policy between us."
Here a litter of new books, all make inspirational, sweet or fun reading – perfect for the howlidays.