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Jack Russell Dog Has Odd Playmate

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Jack Russell Terriers (sometimes called Jack Russell ‘terrors’) are known to not only terrify vermin, but may eat them. Just being honest. So this isn’t something you see everyday. Here the story of a more typical Jack Russell Terrier.   Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list... Read more »

Squirrels Beware of Jack Russell

Squirrels Beware of Jack Russell
Q: Jack, our Jack Russell terrier mix, has been terrifying the squirrels in our yard. I’m afraid he’ll catch and kill one. What can I do? — B.D., Nashville, TN A: Your fear is well-founded. Jack Russell ‘Terrors’ are hard-wired to do what they were bred for: hunting small furry things. Generally, they don’t distinguish... Read more »

Would You Save Your Best Friend or Your Spouse?

Would You Save Your Best Friend or Your Spouse?
Who would you save first, you best friend or your spouse?  This past August, Graham Anley and his wife, Sheryl, were peacefully sailing along the shores of South Africa when they unexpectedly ran into treacherous waters. As the couple bravely battled roiling waves up to 25 feet, their boat was swept onto the reef and... Read more »

Readers Bark Back

Readers Bark Back
I enjoy hearing your views — and you’re certainly not hesitant about expressing them! Here are some recent reader emails directed to my nationally syndicated newspaper column. COMMENT: Please, medicating a dog to deal with fears, really? Dogs are not people! — A.P., Cyberspace STEVE DALE: Of course dogs are not people. Strangely enough, though,... Read more »

Dogs Making a Run at Cats in the U.K.

In America, there are more pet cats than dogs (90 million cats, 77 million dogs, according to the American Pet Products Association) for many years, and it’s also been that way in the United Kingdom. Dogs have nearly caught cats as the most popular pet in the United Kingdom However, the dogs are now making... Read more »
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