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Questions Answered: Dog Drops Food; Treatment for Hyperthyroid Cat; Ferret Facts

Questions Answered: Dog Drops Food; Treatment for Hyperthyroid Cat; Ferret Facts
Q: Our cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease. We’re trying to learn which treats are safe to offer her. She is being fed the y/d (prescription diet). Also, can she have cat grass or catnip? Our veterinarian isn’t sure. — A.P., Cyberspace A: Dr. Mark Peterson, a veterinary endocrinologist based in New York City, is one... Read more »

Hyperthyroid Cats: Mark Peterson

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Dr. Mark Peterson is pretty credited for helping to develop radioactive iodine, a potential treatment and cure for hyperthyroid disease in cats.  He talks about all the possible treatments, and the increasing prevalence of hyperthyroid.

Is Your Cat Not Feeling Well? How Can You Tell?

Changes in interactions: A previously clingy cat acting uncharacteristically aloof, or an independent sole transforming into “Velcro kitty” are examples.
Celebrate Take Your Cat to the Vet week (August 22-28) – having your cat visit the veterinarian for a twice annual preventative exam is really important. This is an initiative supported by and the CATalyst Council. Sadly, cats – on average – see the veterinarian less than half as often as dogs. Presumably, there... Read more »

Better Medicine for Pets, the Economy and Cancers Getting in the Way

Heidi Jeter of the Morris Animal Foundation offers this interesting blog, which I comment on. Many of us are going to great lengths, and expense, to keep our four-legged family members healthy–and each year, we’re willing to spend more. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that pet owners in the United States spent $47.7... Read more »

Hyperthyroid Cats

As our cats are living longer, it seems hyperthyroid (a disease found in older cats) is becoming more common. There may even be additional environmental explanations. The question, once diagnosed, what do you do to help your cat? This is legendary veterinarian Dr. Mark Peterson, one of the world’s experts on the topic.