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Hamster Jazz Band

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Hamsters play jazz….not sure they are really playing, but no matter. We need something to lighten the mood, I thought. I must concede I had never before seen jazz playing hamsters.

Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl

Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl
Who will win the Super Bowl? It may not be the Packers or Steelers, it may be the puppies! Of course, the Super Bowl is an American tradition. So is the Puppy Bowl, now in its seventh year (3 p.m. February 5). Wearing the stripes, being the referee, and blowing the dog whistle is Andrew... Read more »

Hamster Facts: Knowing Your Hamsters

Hamsters need bifocals – they can’t see within six inches of their faces. Hamsters get their name from the old German word ‘hamstern’ associated with storing food. Hamsters have been found in the wild with up to 30 or 40 lbs. of stored food in their burrows, that’s equivalent to finding around 7,000 lbs. of... Read more »

Hamster Coming Out Event, National Hamster Appreciation Week

And they’re off! Hamsters are off and rolling Saturday’s Hamster Derby, April 24, at all Petco stores across the country. On my WLS, AM 890, Radio show, Rich Williams, Petco’s VP Companion Animals offers this hint for success, it’s just like making to Carnegie Hall, “Practice, practice, practice.” Watching how others have done it might... Read more »