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Tallest Dog Ever Passes Away: Animal News

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Giant George has died. He set the record, literally the Guinness World Records named him the world’s tallest dog in 2010. Giant George, 43-inch, 245-pound Great Dane, passed away October 17 with his family as his side, one month shy of his eighth birthday.  George was even the subject of the book Giant George: Life With the World’s Biggest Dog by his... Read more »

Aggressive Great Dane, Reader Question Answered

Aggressive Great Dane, Reader Question Answered
Q: We’ve had our 5-year-old Great Dane since he was a puppy. I took him through puppy class, obedience call, agility class, private instruction and to my office daily. At the age of three, he began to get protective of me, lunging and growling at other people. He stopped going to the office. Now, he’s... Read more »

Proposed Law to Place Animal Abusers on Public Registry

Proposed Law to Place Animal Abusers on Public Registry
If legislation in Albany County passes, animal abusers will appear on a public registry.  If you’re convinced of animal abuse, your name would appear on this registry for 10 years, according If you’re a repeat offender, your name would appear there for life. If your name appears on this registry – then you would... Read more »

Bark in the Park a Howling Success

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Bark in the Park, an annual event for the Anti Cruelty Society attracted thousands of people with their thousands of dogs….It’s an amazing event. If you missed it – here’s a photo recap. 

Bark for Chicago's Astounding Dog Show

Carl Auslander and Sindy Schneider of the IKC present the Best in Show honors with BIS judge Liepmann to CH. Casablanca's Thrilling Seduction
The International Kennel Club of Chicago dog show is one of the best in the nation for the dogs, and most important for people who attend. Being a benched show, you can walk up and down aisles and meet the canine athletes. Aside from the conformation competition – which leads to Best in Show –... Read more »

Scooby Might Have Snacked On a Bad Guy

When Agustin Zamora Jr. saw a girl being attacked in the yard next to his Logan Square home, he quickly ran outside to help, according to a Chicago Tribune report. Scooby and Agustin Zamora Jr save the day But not without first calling for Scooby, his 160-pound humungo Great Dane, whose size might intimidate any... Read more »

22 Breeds Banned in Chengdu China, Where Ferrets Are Now Tendy

Trends in China are often “interesting/” One trend, and a very expensive one – so only the elite rich can partake, are Tibetan Mastiff dogs. If you have one, it’s a sign of very elite status. Tibetan Mastiff Another trend is to clip dogs of any breed to look like wild animals, like lions or... Read more »

World's Tallest Dog

George, a Great Dane in Tucson, is now the world’s tallest dog, 7’3″. I suppose seeing is believing. George tips the scale where a small horse might, 245 lbs. Well, what do you think? Is this a ‘believe it or not’ ‘tail?’ The previous tallest dog ever was Gibson, who passed away in August. Here’s... Read more »