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On the Road Again, The Companion Animal Parasite Council

A familiar scene - at least if you are from Chicago.
The Companion Animal Parasite Council is a not-for-profit who’s goal is to educate the public about parasite protection and control…So, each summer parasitologists hit the road – to go to the people – traveling in the parasite-mobile. Seriously, they do an amazing job of reaching professionals by bringing experts to lecture about the latest research,... Read more »

Companion Animal Parasite Council Road Trip at Wrigley Field

In the evening, two veterinary parisitologists offering information on exciting topics, like tick disease and giardia to veterinarians. It was a party. So risque - I can't show you the photos.
The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) super sized van parked across from the friendly confines on July 24. Experts answered pet owner/Cub fan questions about parasites. Some say Cub fans have long suffered from parasites. Follow the CAPC Road Show, Northern Exposure, here and on the CAPC website. Wherever they are, CAPC will hand out... Read more »

Landmines in Chicago

Do people think the stuff melts with snow? Why don’t people bother picking up after their dogs in the snow. I just took a walk – and discovered landmines all over. It’s true there are some potential health issues to people, according to parisitologist Dr. Dwight Bowman of the Companion Animal Parasite Council and Cornell... Read more »

Too Many Worms

According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, one to three million people are infected with hookworm by pets annually…and it’s preventable. Heartworm prevention can save your pet’s life. Roundworm can be transmitted to people, particularly to kids, and it can be serious…but that’s as preventable in our dogs. And no one wants a pet to... Read more »