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Three German Shepherds walk into an English Pub (actual video)

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What happens when three dogs walk into a bar? (Thanks to Cousin Ann for sending this)

Dogs Making a Run at Cats in the U.K.

In America, there are more pet cats than dogs (90 million cats, 77 million dogs, according to the American Pet Products Association) for many years, and it’s also been that way in the United Kingdom. Dogs have nearly caught cats as the most popular pet in the United Kingdom However, the dogs are now making... Read more »

What Do People Think of Breed Bans

I’ve always said that most people get it. the problem isn’t the breed, but potentially the individual dog and more so, the owner… Even if public officials in some places either don’t get it, or blame the dogs because they have feel at a loss when it comes to holding the owners responsible.  It turns... Read more »