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Gabby's Visit, the Pets Sure Remember

So, let me explain what this is about...With our "perfectly trained cat." Gabby had put some dog treats on the table to give the dogs for "dessert." We were distracted and walked into another room. Roxy decided she wanted those treats, hopped on the table and scarfed them down. And instead of eating and running, she needed to say, "I don't care if I'm here." We all walk into the room and there is Roxy. Talk about attitude.
Strictly personal, but then there are some interesting lessons here. Our former neighbor Gabby – who is in second grade -  (and her mom) moved about two miles away a several months ago. We’ve visited them, but this is their first visit back to our house, and the first time our pets have seen Gabby... Read more »

Pets and Children: I'm Awestruck At What It CAN Be

I didn't tell you - Gabby wants to be a veterinarian....
Perhaps is the right gallery for Father’s Day. No, this adorable little girl isn’t ours – though Gabby lives in our building…the relationship she has with our animals is exactly what it should be between kids and pets. Yes, most dog bites do happen to children…but FAR less likely when there’s mutual respect and mutual... Read more »
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