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Cats Taking Kitten for a Walk on the Wild Side

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Shorty and Kodi spend some time getting to know their new kitten who doesn’t move very much without some help.   Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Dear Kitten: What Cats Really Think

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What do cats really think about dogs….and a wide variety of other subjects. “Dear kitten….let the dog eat all of our dry food; if he gets caught he goes to jail.” “Dear kitten….I should warn you about a monster called a vacuum; it can eat and yell at the same time.” Even CNN is reporting... Read more »

Cats 'Skate' on Wood Floors

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Cats and wood floors don’t always agree….I suppose it’s like a feline version of ice skating.  

Truth About Cats, George Carlin

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“You don’t have to pet a cat, just put your cat over him and he’ll do all the work,” George Carlin on cats. “Ever pet a cat who’s lying flat. Before you’re finished his ass his halfway up in the air. It’s llike you pressed the ass button, or something.” Clearly an expert on all... Read more »

Catvertising Agency, Paying Attention to Cats

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Catvertising agency….Indeed, cats have been too overlooked. (thanks to Dr. Patricia Olson for this tip)

Celebrating Happy Cat Month: Cats are Funny

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Funny cat clips….that’s all….no deep thoughts here, just hoping to make you smile. And after all, according to the CATalyst Council and the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is Happy Cat Month.

Ten of the Cutest Cat Moments on YouTube

This video depicts 10 very cute cat moments, and I think the timing is right to post this – in conjunction with a CATalyst Council meeting at the Conference of the American Veterinary Medical Association in Atlanta, GA.