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Cats and Dogs: How Different Are They, Really

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‘They fight like cats and dogs’ – that old adage drives me crazy because it is just that, an antiquated myth. Truth is that increasingly (about a quarter of all pet owners) live with mixed species. If they really did fight like cats and dogs every day – people just wouldn’t be doing it. Truth... Read more »

"I Wanna a Kitty"

Dogs and cats dog get along, of course. Just ask that pet expert (and legendary animator) Chuck Jones (I actually interviewed him years ago. He passed away in 2002). 

Cats and Dogs In Love

I hate that expression ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ because in today’s world that’s not usually what happens…this video depicts how cats and dogs are are often best friends. I thank my sister Lori for the link

Cats and Dogs Do Get Along

I HATE that expression, ‘fighting like cats and dogs,’ because it is SO untrue – or at least no more true than fighting like cats and cat or dogs and dogs, or people and people. Facebook fan Liz suggested I post, and I am more than happy to. By the way, I bet nearly all... Read more »