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BlogPaws, Pet Bloggers Learn and Celebrate

Yvonne DiVita kicks off BlogPaws 2014, the most new attendees at this BlogPaws than any other
BlogPaws is a watering hole for pet bloggers. Here are a few BlogPaws highlights, in case you missed out….where people who write about pets come together (sometimes with their own pets). The Nose to Nose awards for excellence in blogging winners are HERE.   Type your email address in the box and click the “create... Read more »

Greatest Ferret Show on Earth

Greatest Ferret Show on Earth
It’s the Greatest Ferret Show On Earth (sanctioned by the American Ferret Association) ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and ferret fans is slinking around the corner. The show, showcasing ferrets, is celebrating 25 years, organized by the Greater Chicago Ferret Association, which has rescued more than 7,000 ferrets since it’s inception. The Greatest Ferret Show is October 13,... Read more »

Ferret Squad Trailer: Support to Legalize Ferrets in California

Thumbnail image for 'Ferret Squad Trailer: Support to Legalize Ferrets in California '
Ferrets are fun pets. European or domestic ferrets have been pets for a very long time. Yet, sadly for what amounts to political reasons, ferrets are banned in California. The ferret ban in California is a topic which I’ve written about many times. Filmmaker Alison Parker was inspired and offers this preview of her upcoming... Read more »

Legalize Domestic Ferrets Demands a Hearing with President Obama

Legalize Domestic Ferrets Demands a Hearing with President Obama
Domestic ferrets are just that – domestic pets. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Domestic ferrets are legal in 48 states, without issue. You never hear about feral ferrets running amuck or ferrets attacking people in the streets. Interestingly, the state with likely the most pet ferrets is likely California. Yet, California is the only... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Preparing for Emergencies, Pet Insurance, Cat Genetics, Parrots and Ferrets

WGN Radio Petcast: Preparing for Emergencies, Pet Insurance, Cat Genetics, Parrots and Ferrets
This WGN Radio Petcast wins the Gold Medal for being the most jam packed ever! (May take a moment to load): Tracy Reis, national director of Red Star Emergency Services at the American Humane Association talks about preparing for your pets’ survival in emergencies. Everything from carrier training for cats to the importance of microchipping.... Read more »

Cosette's Debut at Second City

With my friend Max and his friend Saman
Cosette’s debut (and mine) on Second City Late Live with Joe Kwaczala. This is Chicago’s only live talk show, and it’s held on Saturday’s (mindnight) at Second City’s DeMaat Theatre. I must say it was fun appearing on a Second City stage. 

Ferrets Should Be Legalized

Jim Kellogg, department of Fish and Game in California says ferrets should not be legalized in that state because they are not native. Guess Irish Terriers should be illegal too. Ferrets are domestic pets (who are nearly always spay/neutered). Sad truth, according to science which the department of Fish and Game asked for, is that... Read more »

Ferrets Again Turned Away in California has been tirelessly perusing the legalization of ferrets in California. It is astounding, among the lower 48, this is the only state not to. All other states welcome domestic ferrets, yet there is no report of ferrets getting outside and reproducing (a tough trick since they are purchased spay/neutered) or harming the environment as... Read more »

Are Calfornia Politicians Kooky? They Are When It Comes to Ferrets

What’s up with California? I know people ask this question a lot. California is the only contiguous state to ban ferrets. I am glad California public officials seemingly care about the environment, that’s a good thing. And if you don’t know domestic ferrets, I suppose you can be told that if ferrets get outside for... Read more »

WLS On Demand Petcast: Pat Miller on Do Over Dogs, Dog Flu and What's Up with Ferrets

On my 890-AM WLS On Demand Steve Dale’s Pet World - Listen to this line-up, for Free by clicking here One of the great communicators of dog training and training methods, Pat Miller, talks about her most recent book “Do Over Dogs: Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life.” It’s flu... Read more »
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