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Dog Writer's Association of America Banquet

Author and VP of Dog Writer's Association of America  Su Ewing, Hall of Fame Dog Writer members Ranny Green and Tom O'Shea, author-blogger/dog trainer Sarah Hodgson
Dog Writer’s Association of America (DWAA) Annual Awards Dinner and Banquet is one of many swanky events just before or after the Westminster Dog Show in New York City, held at the Affinia Hotel. Well over a hundred people who write and broadcast about dogs, and are members of DWAA, give awards to the best... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day Irish Stew Recipe For You, Or Lassie

This Irish Stew is for you or your dogs, says Eve Adamson, author of “Chow Hound: Wholesome Home Cooking for Your Doggie,” (Sterling Innovation, New York, NY, 2009; $12.94). If the recipe is for your you, add a little Guinness, if you are so inclined.   Serves 4-6 (people or large dogs): ¼ cup oat... Read more »

Pet Book Stocking Stuffers

Seeking a last minute stocking stuffer…how about a book for your pet loving friends or relatives, or maybe for your significant other? Here some ideas:

Thanksgiving Dogs

Whoa! No wonder Native Americans were taken aback….not only did scores of pilgrims march off the Mayflower, according to the American Kennel Club so did several 200 pound plus Mastiff dogs. Also English Springer Spaniels made he trip. Mastiff (photo by Mary Bloom) Hear dog show guru David Frei talk about the National Dog Show... Read more »