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Winn Feline Foundation Announces New Board Members

Winn Feline Foundation Announces New Board Members
The Winn Feline Foundation held their annual meeting in Vancouver, WA on June 26, ¬†2013 and voted in a number of new board members, including some new officers. All votes were unanimous. The new members of the board, some of whom began serving their terms on an interim basis earlier in the year,¬†represent the most... Read more »

Winn Feline Foundation Symposium & Board Meeting

Our Betty White, Dr. Vicki Thayer, president Winn Feline Foundation calls the meeting to order, at her left Fred Jacobberger  and new Treasurer Vickie Fisher
Winn Feline Foundation is the only organization on the planet that solely supports cat health studies. Money raised since 1968 have helped investigators to learn about infectious diseases, diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancers and much more in cats – even what essential amino acids domestic cats require in their diets. These images are... Read more »

American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards

Backstage before the Hero Dog Awards Show, I apparently surprise Betty White. She wrote the forewords to my ebooks "Good Dog!" and 'Good Cat" and I've interviewed her many many times.
Wow! What a Gala event, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, held October 6, 2012 at the classic Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles (same place the Golden Globes are). The emcee was Kristin Chenoweth, as seven hero dogs (in seven categories) were hailed by the celebrity audience for what they do everyday. One... Read more »

Dying Wish: To See My Dog, One More Time

I’m in tears as I post this. A homeless man, who lived out of his car, shared his life with his dog, Yurti. The dog clearly didn’t care that his best friend was homeless. When 57-year old Kevin McClain became very ill (he had cancer), he was briefly hospitalized before moving into hospice. During that... Read more »

American Humane Association Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteer Appreciation

Robin says, "We'll be back next year." After the event a volunteer came up to me and asked the most unusual quesiton, "Are you and Robin related?" First, I thought she was referring to my wife, Robin....But she meant Robin Ganzert. She said, "You both talk from your heart, and work so well together - I just thought you'd known one another for a long time." Well, here's what it is - Robin Ganzert and I do share the same vision. We're going to see, animal assisted therapy programs grow in America - because of people like Diana, and becasue of the outcome of human/animal interactions are so profound.
The American Humane Association celebrated it’s Denver-based animal assisted therapy program, most especially honoring the volunteers, December 3 at the Westin in Denver. This was an emotionally riveting evening….You’ll read and see why….