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Enriching Environments for Cats

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American cats are brain dead and fat. I think it’s best they are indoors, where for sure there’s no issue with coyotes chasing them or being hit by cars; they’re safer inside….However, life should be stimulating for any pet. And living only for food, often training people to be automatic food dispensers (when we become... Read more »

Catification Saves Cats Lives, Jackson Galaxy

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Jackson Galaxy is about to kick off season six of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet, and he says he’s really happy. His book “Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat and Your Cat (and You)” is about giving cats what they really need, the art of creating environmental enrichment for... Read more »

Anti Cruelty Celebrates Decoding Your Dog

Dr. John Ciribassi was the first up, speaking about signals - some really subtle - which dogs offer to demonstrate stress.
Kicking off their 115th year, the Anti Cruelty Society celebrated “Decoding Your Dog,” a book which I co-edited with veterinary behaviorists Dr. Debra Horwitz (in St. Louis) and our own Dr. John Ciribassi. I spoke about the importance of environmental enrichment,how to keep our pets busy when we’re not around – and why enriching their... Read more »

IAABC Conference

IAABC President Sarah Filipiak opens the conference
Is your cat scratching in all the wrong places; your dog wants to ‘eat’ other dogs; parrot screams overnight or horse who seems afraid of people – then I have help for you… members of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, who met April 20-22 for continuing education in Providence, RI. Here are just... Read more »

Determined Cat: 'I Want Fish Sticks'

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Hungry? Learn how Oscar (the cat) gets his fish sticks.

One Cat, One Box

For Cats 101 on Animal Planet, I’ll be talking about enrichment techniques. Expensive toys, sure. Some toys don’t come cheap. After your next UPS delivery, save the box for your cat! Simon shows you what I mean.