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Ticks Are More Than A Pest

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Lyme disease is spreading. Dr. Richard Goldstein, medical director of the famed Animal Medical Center in New York City, says we can actually do more to protect our pets than we can do to protect ourselves from Lyme. It begins with testing your dog to determine if your dog has Lyme or another tick disease... Read more »

Tick Diseases In Dogs

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Tick populations are booming, and where there are ticks, I can assure you there is tick disease. Sometimes tick borne illnesses are debilitating (to pets and also people, of course). And it’s more than merely Lyme, there’s a long, long list of nasty sounding diseases.   Sometimes they even come grouped together, as some ticks... Read more »

New Tick Disease May Affect Dogs

New Tick Disease May Affect Dogs
Veterinary parasitologists suggests there are more ticks out there today than ever before. Where there are ticks, there’s tick disease in people and in pets (particularly dogs). So, it’s no surprise that there’s a new tick disease which affects people, which is similar to Lyme disease. This new disease has been found in 18 people in... Read more »

Ticks Are a Health Threat: We Can Protect Dogs Better Than People

Ticks Are a Health Threat: We Can Protect Dogs Better Than People
Where there are ticks, there’s bound to be tick disease. According to veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, the tick population in America has exploded in recent years. Curiously, dogs enjoy more benefits than people when it comes to identifying tick disease, as well as protection to prevent disease transmission in the first place. For people,... Read more »

Parasite Protection for Pets

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No one wants their pets to have parasites. Yuck. It’s more than the ‘yuck factor’ though, parasites spread disease, including fleas and ticks. The question – which seems simple, then becomes what to buy and where to buy them….But Dr. Ernie Ward says pet owners increasingly aren’t always making the right choices. And that’s not... Read more »

Steve Dale: Tick Diseases in Dogs

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Whoa! If you believe tick season is over – you are mistaken! Even in somewhat cooler places like Minnesota and Wisconsin, ticks are prevalent through October (unless there are multiple hard frosts), and for sure in Illinois, most of the midwest, lower southwest and for sure the norrtheast. Truth is ticks are found in all... Read more »

Dogs and Ticks, Myth vs Fact - You Take the Test

Dogs and Ticks, Myth vs Fact - You Take the Test
Disease-carrying ticks pose health risks to dogs and people, no matter where they live.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that tick disease occurs in every U.S. state, and it seems tick population and therefore tick disease is actually on the rise. Since signs of tick-borne diseases are difficult to recognize in both... Read more »

Protecting Your Dogs from Ticks, and Tick Disease

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If you counted all the ticks in America, there are more of them today than ever. And this summer, the Midwest is especially inundated (blame the weather). This is my conversation with Dr. Ruth MacPete about keeping your dogs tick free, and therefore disease free. Learn more at

Lyme Disease Appears to be on the Rise: In Dogs and People

Even AARP is expressing concern about an increase in Lyme Disease, a topic I’ve written about here for some time. The story is most mostly focused on Lyme Disease in people, explaining that it can start with a bull’s eye rash Deer tick bite in a person and that achy feeling you get when you... Read more »
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