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What A Rush: Communing with Mountain Gorillas

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Visiting family is always fun, kind of wild….and these family members are really wild – mountain gorillas. I say family members because after all we do share about 98 percent of our genetic makeup with gorillas. I talk her about the experience of a lifetime, to commune with mountain gorillas – no bars, no cages.... Read more »

Out of Africa with Bill Moller, WGN Radio

Out of Africa with Bill Moller, WGN Radio
Click HERE for my conversation with Bill Moller about our recent face to face with mountain gorillas in Rwanda. The segment with Bill is sponsored by Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services & Special Center, and I talked with Bill about how there are veterinarians who similarly are on call for the mountain gorillas in Rwanda who... Read more »

Wild WGN Radio Petcast: A Gorilla Update with Ecotours

Wild WGN Radio Petcast: A Gorilla Update with Ecotours
I make a slight detour in this WGN Radio PETCAST, going from dogs to gorillas (may take a moment to load). Those are mountain gorillas to be exact, Dr. Mike Cranfield veterinary director of the Gorilla Project University of California Davis Wildlife Health Center and Jed Chaddick, president of beat their chests for gorillas... Read more »

Largest Crocodile Ever Caught

Crocodile tears has an all new meaning…the guy in the video says his brother was eaten by this crocodile. I give the folks credit, using the crocodile for ecotourism instead of killing him. This will be the largest crocodile ever in captivity.
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