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Does Grain-Free Dog Food Matter?

Does Grain-Free Dog Food Matter?
Dr. Ruth MacPete reveals pet food mysteries, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen here as, for example, she explains whether or not ‘Grain-Free’ matters and what the term grain-free even means. We discuss how to even search for a pet that is right for your pet. Dr. MacPete says look for quality ingredients,... Read more »

Tick Diseases In Dogs

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Tick populations are booming, and where there are ticks, I can assure you there is tick disease. Sometimes tick borne illnesses are debilitating (to pets and also people, of course). And it’s more than merely Lyme, there’s a long, long list of nasty sounding diseases.   Sometimes they even come grouped together, as some ticks... Read more »

Western Veterinary Conference, Sitting Down with Expert Veterinarians

Dr. Mark Russak, president of the American Animal Hospital Association offers tips on what to do when you hit the road with your pet this spring or summer. We also talk about preventive care, and how catching disease or illness early can prevent your pet from suffering, potentially save a life, and certainly save you money.
At the 85th Annual Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, NV for  national radio,also YouTube videos and more, I was honored to interview some of the leading veterinarians in America. Topics of discussion ranged from choosing the right diet for your pet, to when you time it’s time to euthanize to celebrity pet owners in Hollywood.  As... Read more »

2011 WGN Radio Petcasts

Upon returning to WGN, my first Petcast - Chicago dog trainers Wendy DeCarlo and Dennis Damon from the Dog Obedience Group. "I remember Ethel when she was so small," said Dennis as he walked into the studio. "And she still loves me." Wendy added, "But Dennis, she loves everyone."
Here are 11 of the GREAT folks I was honored to have in-studio for Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio Petcasts (podcasts for Pet Lovers) in 2011.  Check them out, you can listen – it’s free…right HERE. Which was your favorite? Hard to say for me, but I do tell some behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

My Cat Has Diabetes, Now What?

My Cat Has Diabetes, Now What?
Can you believe 1 in 200 cats is suffering from diabetes? The answer from private practicing veterinarians is generally, ‘No.’ In the ‘real world,’ they maintain the numbers are even higher. As a guest on my show,  Steve Dale’s Pet World, Dr. Ruth MacPete talks about diabetes in cats. LISTEN HERE, as Dr. MacPete explains... Read more »

Steve Dale: Tick Diseases in Dogs

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Whoa! If you believe tick season is over – you are mistaken! Even in somewhat cooler places like Minnesota and Wisconsin, ticks are prevalent through October (unless there are multiple hard frosts), and for sure in Illinois, most of the midwest, lower southwest and for sure the norrtheast. Truth is ticks are found in all... Read more »

On the Road Again, The Companion Animal Parasite Council

A familiar scene - at least if you are from Chicago.
The Companion Animal Parasite Council is a not-for-profit who’s goal is to educate the public about parasite protection and control…So, each summer parasitologists hit the road – to go to the people – traveling in the parasite-mobile. Seriously, they do an amazing job of reaching professionals by bringing experts to lecture about the latest research,... Read more »

Companion Animal Parasite Council Road Trip at Wrigley Field

In the evening, two veterinary parisitologists offering information on exciting topics, like tick disease and giardia to veterinarians. It was a party. So risque - I can't show you the photos.
The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) super sized van parked across from the friendly confines on July 24. Experts answered pet owner/Cub fan questions about parasites. Some say Cub fans have long suffered from parasites. Follow the CAPC Road Show, Northern Exposure, here and on the CAPC website. Wherever they are, CAPC will hand out... Read more »

Protecting Your Dogs from Ticks, and Tick Disease

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If you counted all the ticks in America, there are more of them today than ever. And this summer, the Midwest is especially inundated (blame the weather). This is my conversation with Dr. Ruth MacPete about keeping your dogs tick free, and therefore disease free. Learn more at

WGN Radio Petcast: Update on Joplin, Ticks and Pets, Traveling with Pets and Answering Your Questions

WGN Radio Petcast – click LISTEN HERE (note, may take a few minutes to load). Animals in Joplin still need your help One of the worst disasters in our nation’s history recently occurred in Joplin, MO. What happened there is sadly no longer receiving media attention. I’m not sure that’s right – the community needs... Read more »