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We Are Failing Our Pets, Not Providing Them With Veterinary Care

We Are Failing Our Pets, Not Providing Them With Veterinary Care
ST. LOUIS, MO — Sad news for our pets was announced at a press conference entitled, “Houston, We Have a Problem,” during the 2011 American Veterinary Medical Association Convention July 18. The problem has been a steady decline in our pets’ health. “This decline has been going on for over a decade, despite an increased... Read more »

WGN Radio Petcast: Prevent Losing Your Pet, Economic Realities and State Rep. Feigenholtz on Mondog Beach, Aging Pets

Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio PETCAST: Listen HERE (just click – but do allow a few minutes for the site to open and play) More pets are lost over the Fourth of July holiday than at any time. Gary MacPhee of HomeAgain Pet Recovery says prevention is best, and offers tips on ways to... Read more »

Give A Cat A Chance

How is it that most people keep cats indoors, and the overwhelming majority of those people spay/neuter.. .Yet, there’s still a cat overpopulation problem. What are we missing? In many places around the country beginning around now the kittens begin to come. In this video, Dr. Michael Moyer, president of the American Animal Hospital Association... Read more »

You're on Camera, from the American Animal Hospital Association Conference

These screen shots are from the videos we recorded at the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) /Ontario Veterinary Medical Association Conference, March 24-27 in Toronto, speaking to superstars of the veterinary world. AAHA certifies veterinary hospitals that attain standards for excellence in veterinary care. The AAHA logo appears at accredited hospitals.Those facilities and their personnel... Read more »