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Cat Strut, Standing Up for Cats

Cat Strut, Standing Up for Cats
There are marches for peace, for Brest Cancer, and for cats. Tree House Humane Society annual Stray Cat Strut was June 4, starting at the shelter’s Uptown location at Carmen and Broadway, then strutting to the Lake and back to the shelter for a barbecue. If there’s anytime to stand up for cat’s it’s June,... Read more »

Lights of Love To Support Cat Adoption

Lights of Love feels like family, we are all there for the same purpose...It's not sad, it's sweet and heartfelt. I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors, with a cat's best friend, Dr. Colleen Currigan, president of the Tree House Board of Directors.
Tree House Humane Society’s Lights of Love event was December 11, at the shelter on Carmen at Broadway in Uptown. The event is now a tradition in the community. It’s a warm and wonderful get together to honor loved ones we’ve all lost, and celebrating hopeful adoptions of the cats at Tree House, as well... Read more »